Marko KEA. Ltd.
MARKO KEA, Ltd. is one of the leading Latvian manufacturers of wooden pallets and timber materials, exporting more than 1 million pallets per year to the European market. 

Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute, Ltd. 
MeKAs , Ltd is the leading forest and wood competence centre in the Baltics, having competent and motivated employees who provide services as: product research, development and testing, as well non-formal vocational education.

Riga Technical University
RTU is the largest technical university in Latvia that educates engineers for different industries.


Ltd. „Ceļu būvniecības sabiedrība „Igate”” 
CBS Igate is a Latvia-based company founded in 1991 and located in Jelgava. At the moment it is one of the leading Latvian companies in the field of road construction. 

Rodentia Ltd.
Wood structure design office.
46 Rubenu road Raubeni, Ozolnieki Municipality, LV-3002 
Phone GSM: +371 29264544