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Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 our priority remains - to provide our customers with high quality glued laminated material.

We are following Government advice in relation to COVID-19, and have precautionary measures in our yard, to protect our colleagues and customers.

We will do our best to maintain all our current services, we are committed to support our clients.


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A look in history

Limited liability company IKTK is a research center for large-sized timber structures. 

Our goal is to create the first Latvian research center which specializes in provision of research services related to large-sized timber structures in order to enhance transfer of knowledge in the national economy and to create  Latvian products with high export capacity.

Ltd. IKTK is an abbreviation from the Latvian phrase “Inovācijas koka tiltos un konstrukcijās” (Innovations in timber bridges and structures) which underlines the company’s main directions of the research services because the company is in fact oriented to industrial research and experimental production of large-sized timber structures (including components of timber bridges, bearing structures, etc.), including also production of prototypes, i.e. development (project developing, designing) and testing of prototypes of new timber components.

The Center started working in 2015, and is founded by:

  • Marko Kea, Ltd.
  • Riga Technical University
  • Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute, Ltd.