Marko KEA. Ltd.
MARKO KEA, Ltd. is one of the leading Latvian manufacturers of wooden pallets and timber materials, exporting more than 1 million pallets per year to the European market. 

Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute, Ltd. 
MeKAs , Ltd is the leading forest and wood competence centre in the Baltics, having competent and motivated employees who provide services as: product research, development and testing, as well non-formal vocational education.

Riga Technical University
RTU is the largest technical university in Latvia that educates engineers for different industries.


"Rodentia" Ltd.
The up-to-date leading Wood structure design office. Design, statics, consultation.

"Igate Būve" Ltd.

The next generation of project management with "All induced" - Wood structure design, statics, assembly on sight of glulam and CLT sturctures.

„Ceļu būvniecības sabiedrība „Igate” Ltd. 
CBS Igate is a Latvia-based company founded in 1991 and located in Jelgava. At the moment it is one of the leading Latvian companies in the field of road construction.